how to charge aventon bike

How To Charge Aventon Bike?

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In the dynamic world of electric biking, Aventon has emerged as a frontrunner, delivering cutting-edge e-bikes that seamlessly blend style and performance.

One crucial aspect of owning an Aventon eBike is understanding the art of charging, a process that can be both simple and essential.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the nuances of charging your Aventon eBike, exploring the two methods available and providing valuable insights into best practices for optimal battery performance.

how to charge aventon bike

Charging Your Aventon bike with an Attached Battery

1. Locate the charging port

Begin by opening the cover on the downtube of your Aventon eBike to reveal the charging port. Aventon’s thoughtful design ensures easy access to this crucial element.

2. Connect the charging cable

With the charging cable in hand, plug it into the eBike first and then into the nearest wall outlet. The connection is seamless, ensuring a hassle-free charging experience.

3. Charging Indicator

Keep an eye on the charging indicator light, which will turn a reassuring red, signifying that the battery is absorbing energy and gearing up for your next adventure.

4. Completion Signal

Aventon’s intuitive design includes a green indicator light on the charger, letting you know when the battery is fully charged. Once you see green, you’re ready to hit the road.

5. Ready to Go

Your Aventon eBike is now fully charged and ready for action, offering you the freedom to explore without limits.

Charging Your Aventon Bike with a Detached Battery

1. Access the battery

For those who prefer charging with a detached battery, locate your keys and insert them into the key slot near the battery. Turn the keys counterclockwise and release the knob. Remove the top and bottom parts of the battery.

2. Connect the charging cable

Find the charging port on the bottom of the battery and plug in the charging cable, ensuring a secure connection. Then, plug the other end into the wall outlet.

3. Charging Indicator

Just like when the battery is attached, the charging indicator light will turn red, indicating the charging process is underway.

4. Follow standard charging steps

Follow the same charging steps as when the battery is attached to the bike, maintaining consistency for optimal results.

Best Battery Practices

Charging your Aventon eBike is not just about plugging and waiting; it involves a set of best practices to ensure longevity and safety.

Prompt Disconnection

Once the green charge light appears, promptly disconnect the charger to prevent overheating and maintain the health of your battery.

Time Limit

Avoid leaving the battery connected for more than 12 hours at a stretch, as prolonged charging has adverse effects on battery life.


Never leave the battery and charger unattended during the charging process. This precautionary measure mitigates potential risks and enhances safety.

Surface Consideration

If charging the detached battery off the bike, place it on concrete or brick flooring. It’s normal for Aventon chargers to reach high temperatures, so a stable surface is crucial.


Charging your Aventon eBike is a seamless process, providing you with the power needed for your next adventure.

By understanding the nuances of both attached and detached charging methods and adhering to best battery practices, you ensure that your Aventon eBike remains a reliable companion, ready to conquer every road with style and performance.

So, charge up, gear up, and let the journey begin!

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