mokwheel vs aventon

Mokwheel vs. Aventon: A Detailed Electric Bike Comparison!

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Electric bicycles have emerged as a game-changer in the world of personal transportation. They combine the eco-friendly aspects of traditional bicycles with the convenience of electric propulsion.

Two prominent players in this field are Mokwheel and Aventon, both offering a range of e-bikes designed to cater to different needs and preferences.

In this in-depth comparison, we will explore the strengths, features, and advantages of Mokwheel and Aventon e-bikes to help you make an informed decision when choosing your next ride.

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mokwheel vs aventon

Understanding the landscape

Before we delve into the specifics of Mokwheel and Aventon e-bikes, it’s essential to understand the broader context of electric bicycles.

E-bikes have gained immense popularity in recent years due to their ability to provide efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective transportation solutions.

These bikes come in various shapes and sizes, from sleek city commuters to robust off-road machines, offering something for everyone.

Mokwheel: An Overview

Mokwheel is a brand that has been making waves in the e-bike industry. Known for their innovation and dedication to quality, Mokwheel offers a range of e-bikes designed to meet various needs, from urban commuting to off-road adventures.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key aspects of Mokwheel e-bikes.


Mokwheel e-bikes feature an aluminum frame, combining durability with a lightweight design. The frame material is essential, as it affects the bike’s weight, shock absorption, and overall performance.

The aluminum construction makes these e-bikes versatile and suitable for various terrains.

Battery Power

Mokwheel e-bikes typically come equipped with substantial battery capacity, offering impressive range and performance. For example, the Mokwheel Basalt boasts a 925Wh battery, which is larger than many competitors in its class.

A larger battery means the ability to travel longer distances on a single charge, making it an excellent choice for those who plan on extended rides.


Performance is a key consideration when choosing an e-bike. Mokwheel e-bikes are no slouch in this department.

The Mokwheel Basalt, for instance, offers a substantial 90 Nm of maximum torque, making it a powerful companion for steep inclines and quick acceleration.


Mokwheel e-bikes are equipped with a range of features designed to enhance the riding experience. They come with a torque sensor, which measures how hard you are pedaling and adjusts the power output accordingly.

This provides a more natural and responsive riding experience. Additionally, Mokwheel e-bikes offer an eco mode, which conserves battery power for long-distance journeys.

Aventon: An Introduction

Aventon is another prominent name in the world of e-bikes. They have gained a reputation for producing high-quality electric bicycles that cater to the needs of both urban commuters and adventure enthusiasts.

Let’s explore some key aspects of Aventon e-bikes.


Aventon e-bikes also feature an aluminum frame, providing a balance of strength and weight.

For example, the Aventon Aventure has an aluminum frame, which is known for being durable and versatile. It is 2.72kg lighter than the Mokwheel Basalt, making it a great option for those who prioritize a lightweight design.

Battery Power

Aventon e-bikes are equipped with a 720Wh battery. While it has a slightly smaller capacity compared to some Mokwheel models, the Aventon Aventure compensates with a shorter charge time of just 5 hours, compared to Mokwheel Basalt’s 8-hour charging cycle.

This is a significant advantage for those who want to get back on the road quickly.


Aventon e-bikes, like the Aventure, offer an impressive 1130W of motor power. This added power provides faster acceleration, allowing the bike to handle heavier loads and conquer steeper hills.

The Aventon Aventure also comes with a turbo mode, which can be a game-changer when you need that extra burst of speed.


Aventon e-bikes feature a cadence sensor for pedal assistance. While not as advanced as a torque sensor, it still provides an adequate riding experience.

Additionally, the Aventon Aventure has a built-in display, making it easy to access information about your ride, such as speed, distance, and battery life.

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A Detailed Comparison of Mokwhell vs. Aventon E-Bike

To make an informed decision between Mokwheel and Aventon e-bikes, let’s compare them head-to-head in various categories.

Battery Power

The Mokwheel Basalt takes the lead in this category with its larger 925Wh battery, offering an extended range for riders who prefer longer journeys.

However, the Aventon Aventure’s 720Wh battery charges faster, allowing you to get back on the road more quickly.


In terms of motor power, the Aventon Aventure shines with its 1130W motor. This additional power translates into faster acceleration and the ability to handle steeper terrain. The Aventon Aventure also features a turbo mode, providing an extra boost when you need it most.

In contrast, the Mokwheel Basalt’s 750W motor offers competent performance but does not match the Aventon Aventure in terms of raw power.


When it comes to maximum distance per charge, the Mokwheel Basalt has the upper hand, offering an impressive 130km on a single charge.

In comparison, the Aventon Aventure provides a range of 72km. This makes the Mokwheel Basalt an attractive choice for riders who prioritize long-distance journeys.

Weight and Frame

The Aventon Aventure is the lighter of the two, weighing 2.72kg less than the Mokwheel Basalt.

The lighter weight of the Aventon Aventure makes it more comfortable to carry and handle, which can be a significant advantage for those who need to transport their e-bikes frequently.


Both the Aventon Aventure and the Mokwheel Basalt come equipped with front suspension, providing improved ride comfort when traveling over uneven surfaces.

However, neither of these e-bikes features rear suspension.


The Aventon Aventure offers more gears with its 8-speed transmission, making it a versatile choice for those cycling in hilly areas.

In contrast, the Mokwheel Basalt features a 7-speed transmission. The additional gear on the Aventon Aventure allows riders to fine-tune their pedaling experience to suit various terrains.

Pedal Sensors

Mokwheel e-bikes use torque sensors, which provide a more intuitive and responsive riding experience by measuring the rider’s pedaling effort and adjusting the motor assistance accordingly.

On the other hand, Aventon e-bikes use cadence sensors, which detect when the pedals are in motion but do not provide the same level of customization and responsiveness as torque sensors.

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Final Words

In the realm of electric bicycles, both Mokwheel and Aventon offer compelling options with their respective strengths and features.

The choice between these brands ultimately depends on your individual preferences, priorities, and budget.

If you seek a more extended range and a torque sensor for a natural riding experience, the Mokwheel Basalt could be the ideal choice.

On the other hand, if you prioritize a lighter frame, faster charging, and a more powerful motor with turbo mode, the Aventon Aventure is your preferred option.

Remember that selecting the right e-bike is a highly personal decision that depends on your unique needs and circumstances. Factors such as the terrain you’ll be riding on and your preferred riding style should all play a significant role in your choice.

In conclusion, whether you choose Mokwheel or Aventon, you’re bound to enjoy the numerous benefits of electric biking.

Happy riding!

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