how to turn on aventon bike

How to Turn On Aventon Bike?

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Are you ready to hit the road with your Aventon bike? Before you embark on your cycling adventure, it’s crucial to know how to properly turn on your e-bike. Follow this comprehensive guide to ensure a smooth start every time.

how to turn on aventon bike

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Turn On Your Aventon Bike

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand the importance of correctly turning on your Aventon bike.

Proper startup not only ensures optimal performance but also contributes to a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Remember, your responsibility as a rider begins right at the power-up stage.

II. Pre-Check

  1. Choose the Right Spot: Start by placing your Aventon bike on a flat and stable surface. This simple step ensures stability during the startup process.
  2. Battery Check: Glance at the battery indicator to confirm it’s sufficiently charged. A well-charged battery is the key to an uninterrupted ride.
  3. Visual Inspection: Take a moment to visually inspect your bike. Look for any visible damages or irregularities. Addressing issues upfront can prevent complications later on.

III. Powering Up the Display

  1. Locate the Display: Your Aventon bike features a sleek display panel on the handlebars. Find it and get ready to power up your ride.
  2. Press and Hold: Press and hold the power button on the display. Watch as the screen comes to life, providing you with essential information like speed, battery level, and assist mode.

IV. Activating the Battery

  1. Locate the Battery: Typically situated on the bike frame, find the battery. Look for a power switch or keyhole.
  2. Turn it on: Activate the battery using the designated method. This step ensures a seamless connection between the power source and your Aventon bike.

V. Checking assist levels (if applicable)

  1. Understanding Pedal Assist: If your Aventon bike comes with pedal-assist functionality, familiarize yourself with the different levels. Adjust the level according to your preferences and riding conditions.

VI. Ensuring Safety Features

  1. Lights and more: Take a moment to activate any safety features, such as lights. Confirm that your bike is visible to others, especially in low-light conditions.
  2. Brake Check: Before hitting the road, ensure your brakes are in top-notch condition. Safety should always be a priority.

VII. Final Checks

  1. Components: Confirm that all components, from the saddle to the wheels, are securely in place. A quick check prevents unexpected surprises during your ride.
  2. Listen up: Pay attention to any unusual sounds or vibrations. Early detection of issues can save you from potential breakdowns.
  3. Display Double-Check: Glance at the display one more time. Ensure there are no error messages and that all indicators are green for go.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully powered up your Aventon bike. Remember, regular maintenance and safe riding practices contribute to a prolonged and enjoyable e-biking experience. Hit the road with confidence, and let the adventure begin!

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