where is the serial number on an electric bike

Where Is The Serial Number On An Electric Bike?

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When it comes to electric bikes, knowing your serial number can be crucial. Serial numbers are unique identifiers that distinguish your bike from others and provide essential information about the specific model.

If you need to contact customer support or determine the generation of your eBike, knowing where to find these numbers is essential. In this guide, we’ll explore the various locations where you can locate the serial numbers on your electric bike.

where is the serial number on an electric bike

Where is the serial number on an electric bike?

1. General Bike (Frame) Serial Number

The most critical serial number on your electric bike is the one found on the bike’s frame. This number provides information not only about your specific bike but also its generation.

To determine whether your bike is a first-generation or a current-generation model, focus on the 7th and 8th digits of the frame serial number.

For first-gen models, these digits are A-C and F, while for current-gen models, they are C-G and 1-9. If you’re uncertain, you can always reach out to Serial 1 Support for assistance in identifying the model year.

2. Enviolo AHI Serial Number

The Enviolo AHI serial number is another important identifier, particularly if you have components from Enviolo. You’ll find this serial number on the respective component, allowing you to access specific information related to the Enviolo system on your e-bike.

3. Battery Serial Number

The battery serial number is essential for those seeking information about their eBike’s battery. If you ever need to inquire about your battery’s performance or have questions regarding its functionality, having this serial number on hand is vital.

You will find these battery serial numbers on the battery.

4. Brose Display Serial Number

The Brose display serial number is found on the display unit of your e-bike. This number is important for understanding and troubleshooting any issues related to your bike’s display.

5. Headlight Serial Number

For e-bikes equipped with headlights, the headlight serial number is crucial if you encounter any problems with the lighting system. This number will help you address any issues and ensure your bike’s safety.

You will find these serial numbers on the headlight’s backside or downside.

6. Abus Key Serial Number (required for Abus Keyed-Alike Bike Locks)

If you’ve purchased an Abus Keyed-Alike bike lock, you’ll need the Abus key serial number. This is essential for ensuring the compatibility and proper functioning of your bike lock.

7. Brose S Mag/TF Mag Serial Number

The Brose S Mag/TF Mag serial number is located on the bottom of the bike, inside the motor cover. To access this number, you may need to remove the motor cover, which Serial 1 Support can guide you through. Once you have access, take a clear picture of the serial number for reference.

Final Words

Locating the serial numbers on your electric bike is essential for identifying your specific model, contacting support, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

With the information provided here, you can easily find the relevant serial numbers on your eBike and ensure a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.

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