Quiff haircut

Short haircuts, quiff haircut are incredibly comfortable. It is enough to wash your hair, rinse your hair with a balm or conditioner, dry them, shake your head – and you are done!
The main concern is to refresh the haircut in time so that the hairstyle does not look overgrown.

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Practical quiff haircut

Each season, stylists and hairdressers offer us new variants of haircuts, new styles of hairstyles. And many people decide to cut their hair. Especially those who work a lot, have a family, bear large loads. They have little free time to stand in front of the mirror for hours and make themselves complex styling.
Of course, it is difficult to argue against convenience and practicality. But can everyone wear a short haircut, quiff haircut, does it go all?

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What criteria are important when choosing a quiff haircut?

Does quiff haircut depend on growth?

No, it is not a limitation.

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Does quiff haircut depend on body build?

Yes, and to a large extent. With large fullness, a quiff haircut visually violates the proportions of the figure: the head looks small and the body is too large (there is a dinosaur effect). Therefore, the owners of large, full figures should carefully approach the choice of hair. If, after all, your choice falls on a haircut, then it is worthwhile to prefer more curvaceous volumetric options so that the head looks proportional to the size of the whole figure.

For the choice of quiff haircut is very important hair structure. Happy owners of thick, fluffy hair, it is possible to wear a short haircut – it does not matter, straight hair or curly. Here the main thing – do not allow hair to grow. For this you need to go to the salon once a month and give your hair a fresh shape, then you will always look perfect.

But if you have thin, soft, sparse hair, then a quiff haircut is often contraindicated to you. The only exceptions are young girls with slim, slender figures and elegant features. In this case, a short haircut is permissible, as it gives the wearer a touching, defenseless look. Sometimes it looks stylish.

Is the age limit for quiff haircut?

Not. Even if you are over fifty or sixty years old, but you have a slim figure, thick, well-groomed hair, then you may well wear a quiff haircut. Women of the age of such hairstyles are very young, throw them a dozen years, give a cheerful, energetic look.

Is the style of clothing you prefer to wear a limitation?

No, its not. So, quiff haircut are applicable not only for sports and business style clothing but also for classic, feminine, avant-garde, gothic, etc.