Braids For Long Hair Tutorial

12 Easy Braids For Long Hair Tutorial ❀ CUTE Braid Hairstyles

Beautiful braids and weaving are those hairstyles that never go out of fashion, they can be a great hairstyle both for every day and for special events, and you don’t need to be able to weave complex braids, even with the help of the simplest weaving you can create a chic hairstyle.

2 easy hairstyles for a long hair tutorial. Cute summer braids

French braid

French braid (different versions), fishtail, braid-waterfall, spikelet, and many other options are suitable for long hair.

Braids for long hair – it is mega comfortable because this hairstyle keeps perfect, it does not need to be straightened and combed. Weaving is not without tools: stealth, hairpins, hair clips and a set of gum. They are necessary for the separation and fixation of hair during intermediate works.